Who You Are Is What We Do


At SLICORE Design, our customers are treated like they are the project leads. This is kind of a controversial perspective, granted, as many design firms believe they know so much more than their clients. We understand that, as designers, we have a certain degree of skill in an area for which you – the client – will consult us, but we don’t believe the design process needs to be a power struggle.

At SLICORE Design, you can be rest assured that we will be sensitive to your vision and the direction of your company. We offer a de-stressed, more hands-on, approach to our consultancy and design services and we believe that letting you have a thorough understanding of the design process makes you more confident in your decisions about how you broadcast yourself to the world.

Our specialty is web development and graphic design

Your specialty could be anything. This is what makes business exciting for us. We believe that anything worth having is worth sharing and, in so doing, we are building a platform where our efforts, combined with those of our clients, create a new business landscape where all of us grow on our combined efforts.


Web Development with a Difference


Have you ever came home from an exhausting day at work to find yourself bombarded by the latest string of bad news? Well, maybe that’s not the right way to start this article but we would be with you if you said yes. At SLICORE Design, we have taken a community centered approach to our business by collaborating officially with The Indigo Love of Reading Foundation and Calgary Reads to help bring the joy of reading to struggling students in Calgary and elsewhere.

SLICORE Design’s Promise:

Doing business with SLICORE Design means that you have busy schedules and deadlines of your own. Our promise is to dedicate a portion of your fees to The Indigo Love of Reading Foundation to continue to populate under-funded schools with books and will help SLICORE Design continue to volunteer time as a reading tutor with Calgary Reads.


At SLICORE Design, we make sure every dollar and every minute goes as far as it possibly can so you can rest easy knowing your web development and graphic design needs are taken care of and you’ve made a difference.