Big Sale on VPNSecure and Why You Should be Buying

Hello all,

We just came across this promo in an article from Engadget Deals last night. It is a $39USD lifetime subscription to VPNSecure’s Open VPN software. Yes, it’s only available a limited time, and, sorry, Locked down data graphicthis sale expires in 4 DAYS!

Okay? So? What’s a VPN? Who cares?

Well, look at it simply: y’know how you pay for a purchase with your credit card by screaming it across the store? Expiry and all? Exactly! Who would do that!?

Well, the answer is… ALL OF US!

If you are using public wifi – including coffee shops, bookstores, etc. – this is basically what you are doing if you don’t use some kind of “encryption”. A VPN – Virtual Private Network – encrypts your travelling data so that people who might be listening in can’t scoop it and cause all kinds of unholy ruckus for you.

A good VPN can do a lot of things for you. Chances are good that, if you are reading this, you will not be in a country that censors the internet. Some people do! A good VPN can mask your signal and your IP, making it easier for you to view and share content unimpeded. Or un-arrested. Y’know, it’s the little things.

Most of you may be in Canada but that doesn’t mean you are safe from having your data stolen. This is becoming a big problem for many reasons, not the least of which is that it’s a $450 billion dollar per year industry. Yes, data theft is big business.

All of this can be prevented – or at least impeded – by activating some kind of VPN on your mobile device at least. Better do your laptop too. Public wifi hotspots are increasingly popular but they are incredibly risky with no encryption.

So VPNSecure has this promo on which, to my mind, they should keep. This is a lifetime subscription for $39USD for a suite that is regularly $450USD. It’s an incredible savings… if you get there in the next 96 hours -> GO BUY VPNSECURE!

If you want to try a free, or at least low cost option: we also recommend Tunnel Bear which, besides just having a really cute interface with cartoon bears, is a good light program that gives you a nice amount of data for some regular browsing. If you give a tweet about how awesome they are, they’ll give you a whole 1GB for free! Honestly, 1.5GB goes fairly quick depending on what you’re doing but… think about the alternative…

There are many options out there, for sure, our suggestion at the end of the day is that you pick something. Something reputable, for sure, but choose something.

Your identity will thank you.