New Site: Eagle’s Nest Family Shelter

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Today we launched our latest client website project. We would like to introduce our latest web client, The Eagle’s Nest Family Shelter. Or, more appropriately, The Eagle’s Nest Stoney Family Shelter.

Operating out of Morley, Alberta, the Eagle’s Nest Stoney Family Shelter offers a safe space for indigenous families, primarily of the Stoney Indian Band, who are escaping unpleasant or dangerous living situations like domestic violence. We were proud to take this contract. Not only does SLIcore Design work diligently with small and independent businesses in Calgary and the surrounding area, we also work hard to help out the community.

The 2017 year is particularly poignant for having such an opportunity as Canada has faced serious disruption with regards to its national identity as it pertains to its relationship with indigenous peoples. The year was marked by much work being done by indigenous people’s in the Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls Inquiry as well as the whole issue around reconciliation between them and the rest of the country.

SLIcore Design is proud to present this project to the world, but particularly the Stoney people of Morley, Alberta.

We encourage any family to seek out support and shelter when their living arrangements become dangerous. For those families living on Stoney land, reach out to the Eagle’s Nest Family Shelter by calling their crisis line at their Crisis Line: 403-881-2000.

For anyone in the Calgary area, or anywhere else in Canada, we strongly suggest this exhaustive list of shelters brought to you by ShelterSafe.

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Below is the link to visit the Eagle’s Nest Family Shelter’s new website. Please have a visit and learn a little more about them.

Visit Eagle’s Nest Family Shelter