SLICORE On Reading is a new initiative brained up by James Higgins as a result of his passion for child literacy.

According to the literature, your little boy or girl should have a 5,000 word vocabulary. 5,000 words!? Seems like a lot, eh?

The truth is, boys and girls are just not going to school these days being prepared enough for the tough challenges waiting for them. True, there are many factors that play into this woeful equation but the end result is the same.

At SLICORE On Reading, we believe that the success in our coming generations comes from correctly allocated funding (natch) and time spent with our little readers.

James Higgins is a returning reading tutor at Calgary Reads and a contributor to the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation. His simple philosophy is this “If I label someone else with the responsibility, I have condemned a struggling child.” We’ll let you have it, that sounds dark, but the truth is, the help is on the way as soon as we make that first step and rise to the call. Waiting on busy counselors and the government just is not going to cut it.

This may sound like a typical charity ploy but it isn’t: Portions of your payment to SLICORE Design for web development or any of the listed services will go to the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation and Calgary Reads for books and supplies. Well, truth be told, your business will also help pay for the opportunity for James to attend his twice a week tutoring sessions at Patrick Airlie Elementary School as well.

We aren’t saying that you have to choose SLICORE Design for your web and graphic design solutions (well, not in so many words), what we are saying is that there is a power inside ALL of us to affect huge change.
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Calgary Reads and The Indigo Love of Reading Foundation have lovingly accepted the endorsement from SLICORE Design and SLICORE On Reading and, therefore, have given permission to post their logos on SLICORE On Reading materials. Copyright of these logos and all property connected to them is the sole property of Calgary Reads and Indigo.