Photography and Graphic Work at SLIcore Design


We offer some different options for our photography and graphic work services.

Photography shoots are $500 for travel to and from as well as the first two hours.

Post work is billed out at $65/hr. Photo restoration can sometimes be cheaper than conceptual photo manipulation depending on what is required.

Photo restoration must begin from a high quality scan at 600dpi if you are emailing/ftping the file to us.

We always attempt to get the best photo possible to reduce the amount of touching up needed in post. That said, sometimes things happen (blinking, stray hair, etc.) and we will go over the photos with you (whether or not SLIcore Design has taken them) and see how “perfect” you want your photos to be. The amount of discretion is totally up to you.


Without further ado…

This is a collection of photography and graphic work that we’ve done over the years.

Much of this work was performed in a “I must learn. Do all the tutorials!”/Photoshop is king kind of work flow, producing a wide variety of different images. Others are merely photographs that took the time and patience to capture a point in time that is now immortalized. I am very proud of this work and I am happy to share it with you.





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